Oral Sex and Foreplay Have Some Health Benefits as Well

Did you know that apart from just pleasure, there are some certain benefits of Oral Sex for Women’s. Yes, there is. Semen contains some vital chemicals that can help women to fight depression and can help them to get Glowing Skin as well. It also helps in lowering the risk of prostate cancer in women and to reduce stress and blood pressure level. hence, Indulging in Oral Sex or Foreplay can have several benefits for both men and women.Is Oral Sex Healthy

Orgasm while having Oral Sex can help in reducing the stress level and can cure depression. the hormones released during the foreplay or oral sex can help you to get more indulge with yourself. Apart from all the benefits, the real benefit of having oral sex is that you get to know about the desires and fantasies of your partner. Always make sure to keep your focus on Mutual pleasure. if there is something that isn’t working then make sure to communicate with your partner.

If you are a receiver then swallowing semen can be really beneficial from a health perspective. the Semen contains chemicals like spermatozoa which is known to increase the oxytocin and affection in your body. there are several other benefits which we have mentioned below. If you are still now aware of these health benefits of Oral Sex then you must have a look.

Health Benefits of Oral SexHealth Benefits of Oral Sex

  • Better and Effective Sleep

Oral Sex can result in better sleep as the Semen of the human body contains a chemical known as melatonin. this chemical in the human body can induce sleep and relaxation. Without even having Intercourse with your partner, it will flow in your bloodstream and provide better sleep than usual.

  • Anti-aging

Researchers have claimed that Sperm contains spermidine which helps to lower the aging of a human body. there are certain benefits of this chemical. there is no need to apply it on your face, you only need to consume it. It has been also found that it can work much better than any other aging cream in the market.

  • Reduce the Chances of Breast Cancer in Women’s

It has been reported that Women’s Post 40 are most prone to breast cancer. It has been proven that women who are indulged in Oral sex twice a week have a lower risk of breast cancer. The chemicals present in the semen helps to prevent these types of cancer to build in the body.

  • Better Memory

The semen contains some essential nutrients that can improve the memory level. Hence, if you are someone who mostly suffers memory loss or weak memory issues then you can give it a shot. Oral sex might not feel worse anymore, right?

  • Pain Relief

If you are having a headache or any kind of body pain then you can please your partner to have foreplay or oral sex with you. As the semen contains chemicals like endorphins and oxytocin which can act as a pain killer.

These are some of the health benefits of Oral Sex that you should know. If you wish to pleasure your partner with foreplay or Oral sex then you can find this sexual activity pretty useful. It’s a win-win situation for both men and women. However, there are several other ways available to have a satisfying sex life. You can also learn about the benefits of Anal Sex if you wish to explore some new level of pleasure and orgasm in your life.

Benefits of Anal Sex- Is Anal Sex Healthy?

If you are thinking about having anal Sex and still thinking, then you must have a look at these benefits first. this will help you to understand the benefits of Anal Sex.

pretty Much Chances to Get Orgasm

According to a survey of around 31 percent of women who recently had anal Sex in their recent sexual encounter, 94 percent of them claim to have an orgasm. that’s quite impressive actually and this study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010.Is Anal Sex healthy

Anal Orgasm Can Be Intense Too

Yes, it can be. As the Foreskin of the Anus is filled with lots of Sensitive Nerve Endings which are even connected with Genetics. In men, the Anal Sex can stimulate the prostate which can lead to orgasm. the organic pleasure of prostate orgasm can be really intense. It can send sensitive waves from head to toe.

Similarly in females, there are two Hot spots: The A-Spot and G-Spot. these spots are located near the vaginal wall and can be hit during Anal Sex and just like the prostate these spots can stimulate intense orgasms to the whole body. Effective rubbing of these hot spots in the female body can even lead to squirting also known as ejaculation.

Health Benefits of Anal Sex

There are certain health benefits when it comes to any sexual activity that includes:

  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Penetrative Sex

Benefits of Sexual Activity Includes the following:

  • Lesser risk of Hypertension, Heart Disease, and migraine.
  • Effective sleep
  • Better immunity Level
  • Relief from Headache
  • High Libido
  • Happy Mood

There are some other health benefits of Anal Sex as well. Such as, prostate stimulation can help to cure prostatitis, painful ejaculation, erectile Dysfunction, etc. Along with this, If you had any type of orgasm while having Anal Sex then these are some of the Health benefits.

  • Glowing Skin
  • Better inflammation
  • Less Pain
  • Good Circulation
  • Relief from Stress

No-Risk of Pregnancy while having Anal Sex

If you are looking for a safer way to avoid pregnancy while having sex then Anal Sex can be the best. You can enjoy some serious pleasure without worrying about getting pregnant.

Ensure to Have Safer SexHealth Benefits of Anal Sex

In the Receptive Partner, the rectum is surrounded by some delicate skin which is prone to tearing. Hence, Anal Sex carries a high risk of sexually transmitted infections(STIs). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has stated that Anal Sex activity has a higher chance of HIV transmission. Other than this, there are other STIs also which you might contract such as herpes, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. However, You can avoid these STIs infection by practicing safer Anal Sex.

For Safer Anal Sex, You can use Condoms or any other protection and a high amount of lubricants. However, make sure to use a sufficient amount of Lube as more than a sufficient amount can increase the risk of skin tears which can be really risky and painful. Along with this, Make sure to change condoms before going from vaginal to anal sex.

So this is all you need to know if you are thinking about having Anal Sex. But, never forget that it’s only your decision whether you want it or not. If you are not completely sure about it, then never let your partner force you to have anal or any other type of sex. If you wish to get pleasure then your Consent is a must otherwise there are plenty of other ways available for a satisfying sex life.  If you wish to have a healthy sex life or wish to know about the health benefits of Sex then go through this article as well.

Is Sex Healthy- Health Benefits of Sex

There could be multiple benefits of Sex in your life. Apart from just reproduction, there could be various aspects that you should know. Sex and Sexuality can be also about intimacy and pleasure. It can offer several benefits in your life.

  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual

Besides Disease and Avoiding Pregnancies, Sexual health plays an important role in your life that needs to be considered. According to the research team of the American Sexual Health Association, there are multiple benefits of sex for your body. In this article, we will discuss some health benefits of sex and how you can improve your sexual performance.  is sex healthy

Benefits of Sex for your Body

According to the studies, It is assumed that sex can be a good cardiovascular exercise for both men and women. However, you cannot completely rely on this as it can be considered as a light cardio exercise. Below listed are some of the health benefits that you can get from sex.

  • Burning Calories
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Muscles Strength
  • High Libido
  • Healthy Heart
  • Less Risk of Hypertension, Heart Disease, and Stroke.

It has been observed that people with active sex life tend to exercise daily and have a healthy diet habit. If you are physically fit then it can also improve your sexual performance.

Healthy Benefits Of Sex LifeHealth Benefits of Sex

  • Strong Immunity

The antibody in the human body that prevents it from illness and Common diseases like human Papillomavirus or HPS is known as Igr. In the research of immunity of People who are in romantic relationships, it has been recorded that people who have sex twice a week have more immunoglobulin as compared to people who don’t have sex frequently. However, People who have sex more than twice a week had the same amount of immunoglobulin as people who have infrequent sex.

  • Effective Sleep

During the period of orgasm, Body releases endorphins and Oxytocin hormones which combine to form sedation hormone which results in better sleep. there could be numerous benefits of better sleep as listed below:

  • More Energy
  • Better lifespan
  • More Immunity
  • Enough rest
  • Relief from Migraines

According to the studies, it has been proved that sexual activity can provide you partial or full relief from headaches and Migraines. These are the reports of the people who are sexually active.

  • 60% of people have reported improvement in Migraines.
  • 70% Of people have reported complete relief from migraines.
  • 37% of people have reported betterment in cluster headaches.
  • 91% of people have reported benefit in cluster headaches.
  • Mental Health

Sexual Activity can also provide some severe benefits to your mental health. for say, Sex with a partner or Simply masturbation can offer a good level of emotional and psychological benefits. It can help in reducing stress and anxiety from your life and can increase happiness. It has been proven that sexual activity can build better mental health.

  • Better satisfaction with your Mental health/
  • Better level of trust and Love in your life.
  • Ability to express your feelings and love for your partner.

It has been reported that adults between 50 to 90, who are sexually active have better health and good memory and also feel less depressed and lonely.Benefits of Sex

Sex can play a vital role in your relationship. Orgasm can be really important in a relationship for better bonding between the partners. Other benefits like physical and emotional like better self-esteem and a lesser risk of heart disease can be achieved with sex. However, there are other activities as well that can provide the same benefits such as exercise, Having a group of friends or a pet.